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In todays' fast paced technology changing world, human resources are a competitive weapon. Organizations that understand this, create true differentiation over their competition. IDS Systems is a Learning and Development company, that helps improve any organisation’s effectiveness through innovative and knowledgeable learning solutions, consulting and multi-level training, customised to meet any organisation's specific needs.

IDS Systems LLP was established with the vision of bridging the gap between people and technology. IDS is an Open edX service provider, contributor and is focused on providing world-class IT Training for different verticals. IDS also acts as an enabler for Training Facilities by providing state-of-the-art Training Infrastructure on in the centrally located IDS Center at Richmond town, Bengaluru, India and remote training through our virtual classes.

IDS Systems LLP, provides you with a complete range of technology learning, training (and evaluation) solutions. We use the latest technology and learning trends to ensure that, the solutions offered are learner-centric, relevant and in tune with the times. With increased productivity and performance gains in your organisation or business, you will be more than convinced that our learning solutions not just work but “stick” as well.

Beginning with a needs analysis discussion with an organisation, IDS Systems works and collaborates to design a complete learning program, including course content, course duration, course deliverables, training pedagogy, training delivery, training infrastructure and of course world-class trainers. IDS Systems, with over 2 decades of experience in the training industry, has the assets and wherewithal to create a pathway for growth for an individual as well as help any organisation to retain and sustain valuable human resource.

Content Development And Deployment

We work closely with your company on content needs, writing guidelines, review process, length, accuracy etc. We program content for standard SCORM (1.2 & 2004), AICC, Exp API compliance and then deploy on content platforms with tracking and reporting abilities. We understand market needs and competition and plan for pedagogy, international editions, supplements and digital derivatives

open edX

Open edX Service Provider

Open edX is an open source e-learning platform. Created by MIT and Harvard University, edX is an online service joined by hundreds of leading global institutions and being used by millions of people. Open edX provides a platform for enterprise training and capture tribal knowledge. IDS Systems LLP is an edX partner, Open edX service provider.


IDS Systems Offerings

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IDS Training Services

IDS Systems provides training for various technological needs. From individual training to group training to remote training we provide a vast range of technology training based on the requirements. IDS Systems with over 2 decades of experience, fully understands client requests and have hands on experience to meet your training needs. It is not just about looking for a training venue, or facilities or seminar rooms! It is about providing training, creating an ambience suitable for learning and collaborating. We have hosted and helped organise training programs for several years now and rest assured hosting your training program is just a call away.

Some Of The Training Conducted By Us In The Recent Past

Mentioned above is a partial list of training conducted. Kindly contact us for any other specific technology beyond the list mentioned above.

IDS Systems Training Centre

Facility @ IDS Systems


For startups, tutors, trainers, or business houses, your next business or corporate training program, choose from the IDS Training Center with a total of 4 fully equipped training rooms offering a total of 7500 square feet of flexible space, accommodating from 12 up to 60 trainees.

10 Good reasons to choose IDS Systems Training Center.

  • Central Location at Bengaluru
  • Ergonomic Seating and workstations
  • Audiovisual & Training Equipment
  • Leased-line Internet Connectivity
  • Uninterrupted Powersupply
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Cafeteria
  • Parking place
  • On-site technical and logistic support
  • Communications & Admin zone
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